Telecommunication Works

Telecommunication Works

ICCCC is a certified authorized service provider (ASP) for Ericsson AB. To date, ICCCC has completed over 1500 telecom operations.


Radio Access Network (RAN) Implementation

ICCCC is authorized and trained to handle a wide range of Ericsson Products such as:

  • 2000 series cabinet (2102, 2202, 2106, 2216)
  • 2000 series micro-cabinets (2109, 2309, 2308, 2111)
  • 3000 series cabinet (3018, 3518, 3418, 3308, 3206)
  • 6000 series cabinet (6301, 6101, 6102, 6201, 6202)
  • We are also authorized and trained
    to handle Power Back up systems for Ericsson solutions such as: (PBC-02, PBC05, BBS2000, BBS4500, BBS6101)


Microwave Implementation

  • Certified to provide transmission installation for Ericsson products including:
    • - Minilink-E: indoor modules and outdoor MW antennas installation and alignment
    • Traffic Node: indoor magazines (of different sizes) installation, with options of MW links or fiber cables installation
    • Compact Node: indoor module installation, with options of MW link installation and alignment
  • Upgrade MW transmission for live network
  • Link maintenance and realignment


RF and antenna systems

ICCCC is equipped to supply and install:

  • Antenna systems; indoor and outdoor systems
  • Network active and passive RF components connectors, jumpers, splitters, diplexers and multiplexers
  • Different types of RF cables dimensions: 1⁄2’’, 7/8’’, and 1 1⁄4’’
  • Provide testing services for installed RF systems: VSWR, DTF, Cable loss


Data Centers Implementation

  • Installing Ericsson cabinets and data center racking systems based on engineering documentation provided by Ericsson, for racking systems and inside rack modules with all accessories and cable routing requirement.
  • Handling and implementing back-up power systems for data centers.


Cabling Solutions – Copper and Fiber Optics

  • Supply, install, duct and test different types of twisted pair cables; CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 as well as fiber optic cables; Single Mode and Multi Mode, with all required accessories
  • Provide maintenance services for data copper wire lines, including testing as well as for fiber optic lines, including testing, splicing and joints installation