Civil Works

Civil Works

Because ICCCC can complete all parts of the telecom site development process, we have the clear advantage of using our in-house team of professional engineers and resources to resolve all issues.

Engineering and Documentation
ICCCC has widespread experience in preparing necessary documents for a project of any given level of complication.

  • Site Survey Visit
  • Site Survey Report and Engineering
  • Site Pilot Study
  • Site Layout Design
  • Load Studies
  • Wind Load Studies
  • Site Status Report
  • Implementation Time Frame
  • Site As-Built Documentation
  • Site Acceptance Documentation



  • Provide all types of concrete base structures with different specifications, including Telecom Towers, Masts Concrete bases, Shelter Foundations, and Equipment Concrete Foundations.
  • Soil Tests and Crack Tests.


Green Field

  • Steel towers supply and erection with all required accessories based on manufactures and customers recommendations

Roof Top

  • Supply Steel Structures with all required accessories based on Manufactures and Customers recommendation
  • Safe installation and Erection of tower or mast on rooftop based on certified load study approval


Electrical and Mechanical Works

  • Site electrical infrastructure
  • power distribution panels
  • power cables, with proper routing and ducting
  • Power Generators for remote sites
  • Supply and install Grounding protection systems, Lighting protection systems, and testing earth pits.


Site Preparation

  • Location Preparation. includes: Location Accessories, Ladders, Fences, Doors, Site Entrance, Key boxes with Master keys
  • Leveling
  • Road Access
  • Facilitating with Site Owner


Shelters and Data Centers preparation

Shelters preparation includes the supply and install of: 

  • shelters to site location
  • power infrastructure
  • Precision air conditioning
  • Cable tray and ducting requirements • alarms and sensors
  • Firefighting systems
  • Anti-static tiles
  • Data Centers includes the supply and install of:
  • power infrastructure
  • raised floor and false-ceiling systems • precision air conditioning systems
  • Fire Alarm and Depression Systems